Saturday, October 12, 2013


Republicans frequently mix up cause and effect when they discuss human behavior. Clear evidence of that confusion is revealed in their plan for cutting back on COLA increases for seniors on social security. It's called chained consumer price index (CPI). Roughly, chained CPI assumes that as one's income decreases, he (or she) will spend less on food (i.e. steak to chicken) or prescriptions or medical care, etcetera. Thus, according to Republicans, senior benefits can be reduced since they will spend less. However, that is assbackwards. The chained CPI reduces money to people on social security benefits and creates the effect of people spending less on necessary items. A chained CPI will force people to spend less because they'll have less to spend.

Republicans think the same backward way about capitalism. Obviously, for capitalism (or free enterprise) to work, many must be poor so that a few may be wealthy. I can see no evidence in history or currently where capitalism does not create much poverty while allowing only a very few to fully benefit from it, but when altruists discuss helping those whose poverty is created by capitalism, the wealthy Republican, instead of feeling responsible to relieve the poverty their economic system creates, blames the poor for being poor in a system which needs many to be poor if it is to work correctly. Cause and effect are clearly turned around in a Republican's brain. 

I think Teapublicanism is a brain defect of cause and effect caused when the circuits between moral feelings and one's actions aren't fully developed. In order to be so callous, one must not be able to feel the pain of others very deeply. 

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