Friday, April 16, 2004


Fundamentalist Christians are forever saying that American law is based on Christian dogma, yet their insistence on forcing their God into America's "Pledge of Allegiance" the last 50 years proves that modern American Christian fundamentalists would not be able to create a secular nation like we have in America in which religion and the state are separated. Modern fundamentalists would ignore the religions and non-religions of the minority and make America a theocracy. They'd have an official Christian religion for America and force all Americans to pray as they pray. Their agenda to force their Ten Commandments plaques on us and their concept of "one god" (even though their god is three gods) into the Pledge of Allegiance proves that they could never write America's Constitution in which all religions and non-religions are treated equally. So give me a break about the American Constitution being founded on Christian principles! They don't understand how democracy works; it ain't in their Bible.

Want something to curdle your blood? Here's a communication from a loving Christian to the Freedom From Religion Foundation: "I WISH YOU WERE ALL DEAD, starting with Michael Newdow." (Freethought Today, Vol.21 No.3, April 2004)

Sounds remarkably like a terrorist, doesn't it? Shows you how Christians would handle religious freedom in America. Can you imagine that these folks could write the Constitution our founding fathers wrote? Can you imagine what would happen to non-Christians in America if we don't all stand up and defend the separation clause in the Constitution?

"There is no they, only us." —bumper sticker

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