Tuesday, April 27, 2004


One observation remains true over the past hundred years. Liberals are peaceful humans while conservatives, right wingers and fundamentalists are figures of war and rage. Bush’s Iraq war once again shows how single-mindedly men like Bush send young men off to war.

Their hatred for the United Nations, a debating society aimed at negotiating peace, is another proof of how Bushites love to go to war. Bushites have contempt for peaceful people who talk rather than make war; they call peacemakers, the “chattering classes”. They hate to have their passion for war restrained by others in a peaceful way. They’d rather fight than negotiate, and they project their psychological imbalance on others when they say that others “only understand violence”. Actually, Bushites respect only violence. They prove that by resorting to it so frequently.

Their rage, their hatred and love for violence can be heard on their talk radio shows where drug addicts like Limbaugh call the political disagreements in America a war between “good and evil”. Sounding just like their terrorist counterparts in the Moslem world, Bushites dehumanize their enemies by calling them evil. This dehumanizing mental process is a necessary psychological step before eliminating an enemy. Read Mein Kampf to understand that weird irrational leap Hitler made to hate the Jews and see them as less than human. In that book, you will understand the conservative’s irrational hatred for peace-loving liberals. Hitler also hated liberals.

Liberals proved their peaceful natures in that they got rid of Lyndon Johnson because he intensified the Vietnam war, even though Johnson probably did more for the Great Society than any other Democrat and even though their love for peace gave the presidency to Nixon. That was definitely putting peace at the top of their list of priorities.

Bushites tendency for war and conflict is a sign of their inability to fully evolve their human mentality for communication which transcends our animal nature. They are still very much in the sway of their animal “fight or flight” responses. Liberals must continue to try and communicate with the Bushite mind, but we must also realize how dangerous they are and how likely to murder those who disagree with them. Bushites carry in their minds the image of their murderous Old Testament god who has murdered the human race more than once and who murdered his own son, supposedly. They pay lip service to the passion of their Jesus, but they war and murder like the angry god of their Old Testament. If you want to experience a truly peaceful religion, look into Buddhism or into the Quakers.

As for myself, I’ll wait for Bushites to prove their love of Jesus by aligning their actions with his words. If they were truly people of love and peace, following in the footsteps of their reputed savior, the war would be over with the imminent political defeat of Bush, but I don’t think conservatives have the courage that the liberals had in 1968 nor can they muster up a real love of peace.

"Somewhere on this globe every ten seconds, there is a woman giving birth to a child. She must be found and stopped." —Sam Levenson (comedian)

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