Thursday, April 22, 2004


An ignored minority does live in America, the minority of the non-Christian, and it is evidenced by the fact that no non-Christian has ever been president of the United States. Our Constitution clearly states that our president need not pass any religious test, yet Christians have kept out all religions but their own from the presidency.

Our current president in his power hunger has no compunction about manipulating America’s religious prejudices to keep in power, and his power base of Christian fundamentalists is only too happy to go along with him. Recall that before the right wing fundamentalists approved George Bush to be their candidate in 2000, they required him to write a letter testifying to his religious beliefs. He had to pass their unconstitutional religious test before they would support him. Fundamentalists and conservatives who so disrespect the Constitution have happily forced god onto our currency and into our pledge of allegiance even though that was not the intention of our founding fathers. Now we’re even fighting god’s war for democracy (see Bush’s last press conference) against Moslems.

They’ve already disregarded so many Constitutional protections, can fundamentalists be expected to respect any of them? If you ask me, the greatest threat to American freedoms which has ever existed is alive and active in the Republican Party under George Bush. Sadly, we can see how many Republicans who would normally be outraged at such disrespect for the Constitution gladly kowtow to the trend because they love being in power more than the Constitution.


"My grandfather used to make home movies and edit out the joy." —Richard Lewis

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