Friday, April 09, 2004

Good Mawnin' America.... Imagine! Somewhere on this cozy little globe, a single room with a magnificent view, some guy's expiratin' his last breath, and over there, look, some little her's crying her first cry. Bet it won't be her last. She don't sound too happy with the reception she's getting. Bright lights, loud sounds, applause spanked onto her behinder. Why, youall, it's the Broadway of her birth into the dreamlife of her drama. Will she ever wake up or will she sink into the routine of addictions most of us live in—drugs, sex, food, possessions, love, religion? Which addiction will she take up? Anything to keep from thinking about the grim reaper she knows is waiting in the wings for her final curtain. One look at that guy and she'd be shocked into reality pretty quick, you betcha.

What media's massaging your ego this morning? Radio, TV, books...? My media's literature. That's what tells me my story. It creates the fiction which my imaginative consciousness tells me is the true story of my life. Which is yours? What fairy tale do you live by? Make it a good one. At least, let's hope it entertains you and keeps you on your toes. At least build your consciousness out of good literature or great sex, not some silly romance, like Bible tales, fer goodness sake!

Yep, the Great Meat Wheel casts us up and throws us down, around and around we go and where it stops, nobody knows.

"I tended to place my wife under a pedastal." — Woody Allen

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