Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Within this ancient breast, cheek by jowl with the political identity that writes this blog, live a pretty good poet and a passable fiction writer. They currently share another blog, The Silent Boomer, dedicated to the act of writing and to the farcical idea of being a writer. Quite a battle rages within my withered anatomy as to which of the three synaptic patterns gets the most conscious attention from the OS the conscious world calls George Thomas.

The political synapses are always one headline away from breaking into a boil and spewing steam and bubbles everywhere, paying no attention as to whom or what they damage. Quite often, the pot itself receives the most damage—a burned bottom or a too-hot-to-handle handle. The poetic set of synapses, on the other hand, already has a couple of books of poetry available on Amazon

Meanwhile, the fiction writer wistfully works to get at least one of his four completed novels published before he hits the final skids into a brief but fiery afterlife in the cremation oven. Because he's busy on a stylistic rewrite of his novel, Angie's Choice, the fiction writer ostensibly receives the most attention from Operating System George [OSG]. It's a mild adventure tale. If made into a movie, Angie's Choice compares to The River Wild set on mountain roads. Unfortunately, political headlines constantly cause the novelist to lose sleep when the political self seizes control and writes away the night on the commentary websites of his local newspaper, the Columbian

The novelist, unlike his historical brother and sister novelists, has a daunting task ahead of him. He has been told in no uncertain terms that to get published these days, he needs a "following" on his blog! He must prove the novel worthy of being read before anyone reads it. Almost sounds like a political problem, doesn't it?

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