Saturday, July 06, 2013


Wife and I went to the vegan Red and Black Cafe today for dinner after a movie at Living Room Theaters. Good food, great to see they were packed. The clientele is on the younger side and wear the hippest damn clothing and hair styles to be found anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Hope they don't mind an old man, calling their apparel "hippest". You use the language you was brung up wit'
This fine cafe is cooperatively owned and all who work there are in the IWW. They support so many causes I don't know where to begin. Many pamphlets on display—an old dude's eyes get blurry reading. Go there and see for yourself, if you don't believe this woid a mout'

If you got any money left over for eatin' out after the attacks mounted on the wage earner by the plutocracy thru the likes of Reagan and the Tea Party, eat at The Red and Black Cafe, why don't ya! Can you imagine a better place for blue collar folks to veg out? 

PS: They're currently on the hunt for another owner to buy in. If I were younger and could stand on my feet for long hours...ah, well! An experience of a lifetime just waiting for someone to trip over.

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