Thursday, July 25, 2013


All the historic financial dislocations of the last hundred years whether it's the Great Depression or the Great Recession have something in common. They're all caused by under- or unregulated financial schemers. 

I'm tired of bailing entrepreneurs out of their messes with my tax dollars. Time to return to the good old days when they go broke and end their lives in poverty. Entrepreneurs claim they deserve more reward than wage earners because they take risks. Well what happened to that risk factor when wage earners continually pay their way out of their stupid messes? The wealthy capitalists continue to live in mansions while the rest of us see our American Dream fade into the past. Who named us and our tax dollars their insurance policy? 

A way to budget surpluses? Long jail terms for financial malfeasance. Split the giant financial corps up so that their failures won't threaten America's economic well-being. Cut way back on the bloated military budget. Increase the tax rate on just the top 10% of Americans. See how much better the situation becomes for education and the social programs that benefit us all by making sure that no one among us lives in poverty.  

Return to the visions of FDR and cast off the blinders of pure capitalism. Vote a progressive ticket and continue to work diligently at your own jobs too. You might even consider unionizing or, at least, support unions anywhere you find them. Look to sports unions to see what excessive unions can do, but also at public service jobs which are middle class unions, smack in the middle income range all wage earners expect for themselves.

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