Friday, July 12, 2013


Recently, advanced imaging techniques have allowed neuroscientists to watch what happens in the brain of a member of the human species when it smiles. They found that when a smile breaks upon the human face, the chemicals that create happiness are engaged. When happy-making chemicals are released in the human brain via a happy circumstance, those chemicals also create a smile as a byproduct to show a fellow robot, most likely, that he or she is making us happy. If they like us, they'll be sure to do that action again to us or in our presence. It's a social thing for survival's sake. 

This marvelous wiring works either way and, of course, proves once again that humans are electrochemical robots because if we fake a smile, then conversely, the happy chemicals are  released in the brain. That means we can all increase our happiness factor if we just smile more. No shit!

With those happy facts in mind, I have
begun to practice a behavior which I hope will improve the circumstances of my life. If faking a smile will release happy chemicals, will strutting like an alpha male, help me increase my image and security among males of my species? If that little pipsqueak Bush Junior could own a ball club and become president of the US, then I figure copying his strut may help me get more done with less worry. 

Since I walk every day for an hour, I've got a good forum in which to practice my new strut. I've begun to throw my shoulders back and swing my arms during my walk, like a president approaching the podium. I can tell you already that it takes more energy to walk "manfully" than to do the stroll, but I also notice that hints of aggressiveness come into my thoughts and feelings as I walk like a conqueror. I become more outgoing toward those I pass in my walks. I believe I'm onto something. More later, and thanks again, neuroscience. 

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Anonymous said...

Haha- you are hilarious- can't believe it took me so long to find your blog!