Friday, July 26, 2013


I'm 75 and these parents are older than that. We remember the Depression and we don't forget, either, what wage earning was like before strong unions were born, back when Teapublicans (still called merely Republicans back then) fought in every way possible to eliminate unions in order to keep profits high for their extravagantly wealthy owners. At least in those days there was some risk involved in getting wealthy. Now, with our tax dollars continually insuring that corporations don't fail, there is little risk for the biggest fat cats. Teapublicans! The wage earner's curse! Who insures the wage earners? Certainly not Teapublicans in North Carolina where unemployment benefits no longer exist.

As to a person's age, Teapublicans don't care a hoot about that. Their attacks at the federal level on Social Security and Medicare proves they don't care about seniors. We wage earners and retired wage earners, the young and the old, the union wage earner and the non-union wage earner who hopes for better wages and benefits, the unrepresented wage earner at Walmart and Poopy John's...we must begin to stand together to reverse this Teapublican attack on wage earners. It's no accident that they've been responsible for the greatest transfer of money from the middle and lower classes to the top 1% since the early days of the last century. Since 2009, the wealthiest Americans have seen their incomes increase by 123% while the poorest Americans have seen their incomes decline by 4%. The middle class remains stagnant. Solidarity, friends.

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