Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I'll tell you what's scary. I'm certain of the facts of evolution, and I understand the sense of entitlement these "top apes" in the Teapublican Party were lucky to be born with and the adaptive and conscienceless emotional drives that force them to drive for the top, but those drives also make MOST of them more selfish and less caring than the average monkey.

The saddest fact is that the Teapublican power base in the American Bible Belt does not understand or recognize evolution. Thus those Southern "lesser monkeys" go right along currying favor (i.e. picking the nits off those top gorillas' backs by voting for them). However, these Teapublican gorillas at the top don't return the favors of the "nit pickers" like real gorillas do. 

Evolution stands out so clearly in these battles between we clever liberal chimps who can understand the dynamics of the situation and the selfish gorillas of the Teapublicans who are fighting mad to maintain their dominant place in the concrete jungles of the globe. If only MORE of our brothers and sisters to the American South understood the actual situation that they nourish with their nit picking votes and began to vote as if their personal welfare depended on it. If only...! Sadly, at this time, these nit pickers in the South remain the tools of the greater apes who use those lesser monkey's Yankee hatred to divert them from the damage being done to them everyday in the Southern concrete jungles.

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