Friday, July 19, 2013


When I read today that DETROIT has filed for bankruptcy, I was moved emotionally in ways I was surprised to understand and wrote the short piece I've linked to above. Then I realized that all human animals with their complex consciousnesses experience these feelings if they live long enough. Nothing special, I guess, but if you're the animal feeling that feeling, the experience seems to be unique and quite original. If this is how all older citizens feel who've witnessed much change in their culture during a long lifetime, I guess I'm okay with how I feel because I'm experiencing a piece of the universal pattern of all human lives in these days, full of fast-paced change, more change than one human animal can take in and keep up with at the same time. 

The photo above is from a Time Magazine photo essay, revealing Detroit's decline. It's specially ironic to me to see that news magazines like Time are also in decline. Decline within decline. 

Excuse me a moment, please, while I sit down on this curbstone beside the street and remember the rag man's horse drawn cart, clopping down my grandmother's street in Dayton, Ohio where I was raised as a child and, also, the ice man toting in a huge block of ice on his shoulder to put in the top of my grandmother's brand new ice box. 

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