Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Tonight on Through The Wormhole, the subject was free will. Do we have free will? Of course not, but the human animal must cling to the concept for the sake of its mental health. To feel as if one does not have "control" of one's behavior is a bewildering state of mind. I felt that way many days back when I drank. Now that I understand I have no free will, I actually and paradoxically feel more in control. In a sense, the truth has set me free, but free from what?

If you watch this particular episode of Wormhole, you'll quickly see that the men who are doing the experiments are the ones concluding that the human animal does not have free will whereas those who believe we have free will did a lot of philosophizing. Stick with the experimenters, the scientists. You'll always be closer to the truth, and I generally feel better the more I know the facts. Odd...that no women were featured in this episode. Why?

One philosopher among them did say that the more each of us knows, the closer to having a sense of control seems possible. I agree with him because the computer with the most data in memory will naturally have more information informing the decisions it makes for the consciousness called "I" that it makes decisions for.

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