Thursday, July 18, 2013


Scenario at 2:30 am:

I'm in a strange town, visiting. I don't know anybody in the town except my Dad, and I'm walking home to my Dad's house down a strange street in this strange town when some crazy guy comes after me and shows me a gun in his pants belt and seems to be inappropriately crazy-acting angry. I've got three choices...fight or flight or freeze. 

If I freeze the dude could easily shoot me. If I run he might shoot me in the back. I know the dude must be crazy to be confronting me when all I'm doing is walking home. Paranoid crazy people do that sometimes, attack others for no sensible reason. So, my only choice, faced with this armed madman, is attack so fast that he doesn't have time to pull his weapon and quickly do enough damage to the dude so that he won't be able to pull his gun and kill me. That's what any sensible male, acting on instinct, would do when confronted by what seems to be an armed maniac in a strange town.

The only error I make is I don't beat the guy senseless. I let up a minute because I'm a human being, and I don't like to kill people. That's my mistake...I don't knock the guy completely unconscious, so, because I'm a human being with a conscience, I'm dead, and a shyster lawyer makes sure that the paranoid racist, nut job gets off by making sure that nobody gets a chance to really understand the dynamics of the situation. The prosecutor began by reading the very clear racist remarks of that nut job when he reported "suspicious" [walking down the street?] behavior. Zimmerman made clearly racist comments at the time. What he committed was a clear hate attack that he instigated, and only in the deep South would he get away with it. We all know that, anybody my age of 75 with a bit of brain in his head knows it, anybody who saw McCain defeated by the race card in South Carolina during his first run at the presidency knows it...the South is full of prejudice.'s the whole reason the South went from Democrat to Republican after Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act.

Now...will I be able to sleep?

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Leslie Robinson said...

I never thought of it that way before- sounds very plausible.