Tuesday, July 09, 2013


This film shows gun nuts from the past in Greensboro, NC, doing their thing with weapons that gun nuts do. 

"The marchers killed were: Sandi Smith,[2] a nurse and civil rights activist; Dr. James Waller,[3] president of a local textile workers union who ceased medical practice to organize workers; Bill Sampson,[4] a graduate of the Harvard Divinity School; Cesar Cauce,[5] a Cuban immigrant who graduated magna cum laude from Duke University; and Dr. Michael Nathan,[6] chief of pediatrics at Lincoln Community Health Center in Durham, North Carolina, a clinic that helped children from low-income families." 

Readers can see the killings were targeted at leadership types. The murderers were all acquitted. This is what the South does to people who want to advance the welfare of wage earners in the South, black and white. Unfortunately many white wage earners in the South still line up with their masters, their white bosses. This massacre happened in the South where the Republican Tea Party Party has its greatest strength.

I separate from this group of gun nuts all those men (and women) who like to hunt, target shoot, enjoy finely made weapons and the history of weaponry, but I ask all those sane members of the NRA to publicly and frequently disavow those politicized members of their organization who do not recognize the fact that their fellow citizens have the right to want guns regulated. It's not the American government that wishes to regulate guns, it's a majority of their fellow citizens who are asking for these regulations. 

Sensible members of the NRA could start by getting rid of their new NRA president who imagines the gun issue is a Civil War issue and who equates Americans who want gun controls with members of the Yankee army who joyfully burned thru Georgia with Sherman to the sea.

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