Tuesday, July 30, 2013


These five men are traitors to the American Constitution. From left to right, the traitors are Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, Clarence Thomas,  Samuel Alito, and below right, Anthony Kennedy whose smug crooked smile (up on one corner, down on the other) could be put on the face of all five of these very average men. They have made a mockery of the idea of fair elections in America, helping to return America to the days of Jim Crow election practices in the South. The most frightening thing about this Supreme Court misruling is the realization that these members of our Supreme Court are so corrupted by partisan politics that they willingly and openly participated in the brazen Teapublican plan to disenfranchise American voters. Not since Hitler's days has a top court of justice gone along so brazenly with one political party in an effort to destroy the right to vote of another group of voters. In Hitler's Germany, it was the Jews who were disenfranchised. In America, it's blacks, Hispanics and older citizens that these corrupt Supreme Court justices are helping the Teapublicans to disenfranchise. When a nation's supreme court of law is so corrupted as this one is by one party, no citizen is safe from politicians willing to destroy the democratic ways in which we select those who will represent us in our Republic. I think, if honest lovers of our Republic should ever achieve enough power to do it, these five Justices of the Supreme Court ought to be tried as criminals for their aid to the Teapublican Party's plan to undermine the Constitution of the United States. They are due no respect. They've dirtied their pants, crapped on the bench where they sit in shame. They stink. The five are corrupt Teapublicans, root and branch, with loyalty only to the wealthy people who fund the Teapublican Party.  

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