Friday, July 12, 2013


You ain't going to believe this, but a crow has a grudge against me. Last week, as I walked to the bank, a crow began to caw loudly and circle above me and swoop down. It was so continuous that I watched it for quite some time till it perched on a light post nearby and quieted down, then I continued on. This week, at the same spot, a crow again began to caw and circle above me. I took videos of it, but I also noticed that another crow and a small (baby?) crow eventually joined in the cawing and circling. I began to think it was a crow fight, but then, returning back from the bank on the other side of a wide main street (Mill Plain), at the same point, this crow swooped down on me again, cawing like mad. At that point, I took this video. No other crow came near. Here's the video of the second attack. No kidding. I'm pretty sure it's personal, and I've recently read that crows do remember offending members of the human race, but, as far as I know, I've done nothing to offend this old crow unless it's the crow in Spokane that I tried but failed to shoo away from the sparrow he was pecking to death, but that was a decade ago.

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