Saturday, July 27, 2013


Dear friend, I liked the Catholic Church when its priests were into liberation theology, supporting peasants in their armed battles against wealthy conservative forces in whatever nation they found themselves. Yes, that was good stuff, but the big dogs didn't like that and liberation is dead now. I see the Pope did tell the impoverished youth of Brazil to "shake up the church", then he directed them to proselytize on the streets which has nothing to do with shaking up Mother Church. He appears to want Catholics to be more like dogmatic Muslims, Mormons and Protestants, knocking on doors.

I understand his wish to grow the Church. When you promise impoverished masses they'll be rewarded in the afterlife, you help keep them cooled down and obedient to their masters on earth...the wealthy. Jeez, Friend, nothing new there. I wish I could eavesdrop during those Cardinal gatherings when they elect the Pope. Their strategies and aims are obvious: "Okay, we put in a conservative Pope when that's likely to more popular, and we put in this more liberal Jesus type when the liberals and socialistic forces are on the ascendency." It's coldly calculated to keep the Church in the best possible light. 

Notice that where poverty is greatest so also all religions have the most members. Sadly, the Pope once a year, around Xmas time, says, "Hey, World, help the poor," but the church does nothing constructive to help the impoverished masses except dole out insufficient charity, enough to hold the poor just above starvation levels and dependent on the Catholic Church. The Church officially sponsors no progressive legislation in any nation that is aimed to lift the poorest peoples out of poverty. Nor does the Pope support liberal and progressive forces in any nation that are struggling to make REAL POLITICAL CHANGE happen. In fact in America the church supports the Teapublicans who in North Carolina actual ended unemployment payments and supports the Teapublicans in other Southern states who are dumping the poor off Medicaid. My friend, the Pope is all smoke and mirrors, mouthing platitudes while doing exactly nothing to really help the poor.

If there were such a thing as an anti-Christ, the Catholic Popes, most of them, have fit that bill. I'm glad I don't believe in religious ideas or I'd be frothing at the mouth about the Pope's anti-Christ identity, but since I interpret what's happening through the rational lens of science, everything makes sense. Everyone is acting just as you'd expect they'd act if they had evolved out of jungle roots and each of them was desperately struggling to keep themselves alive in anyway they can—the Pope being no exception.

If the human species really did have souls and free will, if it really did obey a higher directive, if it really believed in the afterlife of punishment and reward, this globe would be a very different sphere. Modernity wouldn't look so much like the product of a species a few thousand years out of the jungle. My dear Friend, it's so obvious what's going on I think any intelligent human computing machine would see it, but my wish, again, is hoping that people were more than they are, but, so far, they are performing right to type as evolved animals struggling to adapt to modern civilization and not doing too well at it...
liberality bless them in the name of goodness.

From your friend, another human being, doing the best he can to stay out of harms way,

Augusto Philipi Lovingstone

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