Monday, July 29, 2013


"The reason the Church opposes contraceptive devices is because it is a DEVICE. It is not human, it takes away from the humans involved any control of their own wills and leaves it in the hands of some device made in a FACTORY. The Church wants men and women to try to the best of their ability to give their trust into the hands of God their Father. He knows what is best for them. WE have done that, Yuri, and it works! The church's stance is a call to human beings to take responsibility  for their actions, not to give that responsibility into the hands of the corporate world who make theses devices for a profit. How much of that profit goes back to society, very little I would bet. Take care. [Your Catholic Friend, in Jesus'name]." 

Some humans choose to be responsible. Others throw up their hands and take no responsibility at all. Birth control decisions are responsible HUMAN decisions, my Catholic Friend. I suppose you have given up driving because god gave you legs to walk on? The Catholic Church’s logic, if its logic is your logic, is as full of holes as Aquinas’s five non-proofs for the existence of his imaginative idea of a god.

What is the responsibility of the Catholic church for the overpopulated world which over-population is the direct cause of poverty, inadequate potable water in much of the world, the wars, recently decreasing life spans and increasing infant mortality? Your church’s policies are death warrants for the poor and, perhaps, for the human species. I don’t care if the Catholic church wants to keep most of its women barefoot and pregnant, but its irresponsible birth control practices are harming my paradise, the Earth.

If you're wondering how my "god" looks at these global issues, follow the sensible and intelligent argument offered by my higher power:  

"You have received by 'my will' a wonderful and abundant place for the human species to live. If the balance is right between the numbers of your species and the natural resources I have provided, then you are in harmony with 'my will', but if you are profligate in your procreation, then you will suffer the natural consequences of your profligacy. Further, if you do not believe me and need proofs of the result of disobeying 'my will', look around you at the paradise 'my will' gave you and recognize how your profligacy has fouled it. Look specially closely at all the vanished species and ask yourself why they vanished. This is how you will know 'my will' for you."  

My dearest, one of my oldest Catholic friends, the marvelous thing about my higher power, my god, if you will, is that It does things in such a way as to make Its laws easily available to human reason. An intelligent human animal can study the will of my higher power and draw verifiable facts from that study. 

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Well done George!